Photographers United: Began its journey in October 2017. I felt there was a need, particularly at this time, for photographers and film makers to start to reconnect as a community of like minded people and professionals. Spending too much time in front of a computer screen and not enough time connecting, to share and support, not only, each other but our industry, at a significant time of change. The idea is to build a community that enables all members to work together, with the ideals of professionalism and the valuing of photography, with equality and equal opportunities for all. We have become a strong community and all members have a very positive mind set. Members are generous with their time and knowledge. We wish to encourage this and believe in supporting all areas of our industry, helping and assisting all members of this community. 

Encouraging members new to the world of commercial photography and film and help to advice and instruct, to assist them along their journey. The older generation can learn from the new, up and coming photographers and film makers, as to current trends and topics relating to Social media practises, equipment etc . The ethos of our community, we are building, is to help each other, by becoming a strong community to support and sustain our industry.  Protecting our rights as Image makers and our work.

We want to be leaders and a driving force, within the world of commercial Photography and film making. Systems of "Best practises" and a "code of conduct". In order to produce a stable and professional industry for the benefit of all.