My name is Roberto Aguilar. I’ve been a commercial photographer for over thirty years.( My romance with photography came through the darkroom when I was only about ten years old.  It was the magic of the chemistry that seduced me.  This romance flourished and blossomed in 2000 when I attended Spéos in Paris and was under the instruction of Georges Fevres.  If you’ve ever seen a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition or a Josef Koudelka exhibiton it was probably George who did the prints.

I discovered platinum palladium prints in 2015 when a friend invited me to a gallery in Paris for the opening of an exhibition in which he was featured with two prints.  When I received the invite I noticed his name among masters like: Elliottt Erwitt, Irving Penn and Albert Watson.  Needless to say I was quite curious as to how he had managed to exhibit with these masters and he replied that it was a platinum collective exhibition.  Once at the gallery I must admit I was mesmerized by the quality of not only the work but also the prints.  I could not stop looking at these prints.  Their beauty hypnotized me.   I had never seen anything like it and immediately I knew that I had to do some research.

Once back in the UK I started searching for information on platinum palladium printing. I found few sporadic workshops, but nothing concrete and I could not wait.  I booked a two-day private course.  My love for the printing process deepened.  I was attracted by many aspects including the fact that I could photograph something using the latest technology and print it using a technique that has been around for over a century. 

I have always loved going to art galleries and museums.  When you tell someone it is a “museum quality” print most people immediate understand what you mean.  

I want to create “museum quality” prints for you.