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My working life has been involved with pictures and photographers.

Starting in a specialist photographer owned stock agency leading to eventually manage the collection; I moved on to a second specialist stock agency. I loved working in these environments; not the large all in one type stock agencies we see so much of now.

Working closely with photographers, organising commissioned work and developing bespoke contracts for photography shoots has given me in depth experience working in all areas of our industry.

I now work for myself, but still closely with five stock agencies (again photographer led specialist agencies) and individual photographers. My experience over the years dealing with copyright infringements now also means I may work closely with individuals resolving their own experiences of unauthorised use of images. In hand with this is also a monetary resolution for the photographer by using a friendly, but firm approach to infringers.

I have also written a bespoke photographer contract to help post commission. Highlighting all the many areas involved, such as third party use, ownership of copyright and what can and cannot be done with images post commission.

My background of having worked both with photographers and stock agencies has been something I have enjoyed and given me an in depth working knowledge of many areas from licensing images and copyright infringement and I hope to be of use to the group moving forward.