Loan equipment-Lumix

An opportunity has been given to us to try out the Lumix system of cameras. I have been using -on loan-the Lumix S1R. The more I use it the more I want it.


"The LUMIX S-series loan programme gives you an opportunity to try the latest LUMIX S-series cameras free of charge (Terms and Conditions apply). Whether you are a stills or video shooter the LUMIX S-series will have something for everyone. The LUMIX S1R with a 47MP sensor and a 180+MP High res mode for the ultimate detail when shooting stills, or the 24MP S1 which offers a balance between stills and video shooting. The S1H is the most video specific model offering upto 6K video shooting with the same stills functionality of the LUMIX S1. Whatever you shoot the LUMIX S-series will provide you with something to fill a gap within your creative toolbox."