Makers, creators and artisans

Artists and Artisans is a personal photographic project of mine. I photograph people who make, create or are 'hands-on'. This is Clare, a beekeeper in Ealing, London, just around the corner from me. She has several hives in the bottom of her garden and her bees probably visit mine. I'm interested in documenting people who work on their own, either in properly set-up workshops or studios or on their kitchen table. I'm looking for“the butcher, the baker and the candle-stick maker”. I've actually photographed a baker and a butcher is being lined up. I've yet to find a candlestick-maker, but one of these days.... The set-up is very simple. I usually use a fast, 35mm lens on a full-frame camera. I rely on natural light and use a reflector and, if it's indoors, a bounced Profoto A1 on a stand as a bit of fill. If it's outdoors, I'll use the Profoto with a soft-dome, off camera.