The PU code of conduct

The Code of Practice

This code of practise has been shared by the AOP with Photographers United and is taken for the AOP Code of practise what the permission of the AOP.
Part 1-  PU : Photographers United

As a PU Member, you undertake to abide by the Code of Practice, as set out below and you agree that you will:

How to create your Portfolio Page

Creating your Portfolio page is straightforward but there are a few things I want to draw your attention to...

** Before you start: Prepare your images. A few people have struggled because their images were not...

  • RGB.
  • (Suggested) sRGB colour space, with or without the tag.
  • 8bit.
  • JPGs with the .jpg suffix.
  • Smaller than 25mb

If your images fulfil the criteria above, you won't have any problems with them.